Saturday, November 22, 2014

First time in PENANG trip!

 bag : REBECCAMINKOFF bags / guy's singlet : cotton on / wrap around shirt : vintage

Chill people! I am wearing pants inside, it's just really short that's all cause I wanted to be comfy in the airport,
my flight to penang was 9am so I had to wake up at 6am, oh no, 5am because I had to 'wake up' call my friend,
who wanted to be all glamorous in the airport, yeah, with concealer, bronzer and all that shits, lol but me, 
I just wore nothing on my face, and felt soooo out of place, expecting there was no one that early in the airport,
but no... girlfriend, there was tons of people in KLIA2, who would have thought right at 6am -_- LOL anyways,

HELLIOWWW guyssss, I know this may sound really embarrassing but yea, it's my first time landing in Penang.
A lot of people were shocked as well lol being that I'm a Malaysian and haven't been to Penang before, I know,
where have I been and what have I been doing my whole life right? well, the reason is... I don't
So we've been told to venture into this "popular" cafe in Penang and here's a lil bit on how it looks like inside,
overall for this Penang trip I didn't bring my DSLR so the pictures here are not that sharp as my other pictures, 
reason why is because I wasn't there for a "traveling trip", I was there for a mission – a surprise the bff mission lol.

okay so before I blog about this lil cafe, I wanna talk about our mission ! 

So! We already know that the bff is going to Penang for her getaway birthday trip, so I was invited by her gang,
p.s, you know me and my bff isn't at the same city right now, so I was invited to be the secret special mysterious guest! 
haha. it was a plan fail actually cause someone from the group there accidentally spilled my name when booking the hotel,
so we were like wtf, haha but I went with another "secret guest" - Enzo the diva, so at least the bff doesn't know that he's going! 
So we arrived in Penang first, got the cake and le cute macarons from Gurney and off to surprise her in her hotel room! 
and then we went out to explore penang!!!
anyways, here's a lil bit on ChinaHouse, penang! a really cozy and interesting cafe that has live band at night too! 
This place is super amazing, as you guys all know, Penang is a heritage place similar to Malacca, (my hometown yo)
So, all the shops, including Chinahouse, looks like any other shops from the front, when I first saw it at the front,
I really did start to doubt what was all the big buzz over this normal looking, in fact, quite boring looking place! 
But when I went in it was much cooler! It felt like a never ending passage with different colors and patterns everywhere.
every more step we took was a bunch full of "wahhhh"s and "woooow"s as we ventured into this space.
A twist of modernity with a heritage / tribal essence would be the best way to describe this place, 
very much like Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent dresses' collection. amazing prints with a modern cutting. 
I didn't get the chance to take pictures of the place much, but I will when I come to Penang again ;)

 just a tiny spot from the cafe - this is the bar part that lights up at night. 

lol look at me damn concentrating and focus on my drawing. 
oh they have a "Coffee cup contest" basically you can find an empty paper cup on your table with some crayons,
and later then you can just let your imagination and hands to the job ;) hahahhaa what am I talking about, sounds dirty, 
so me being me didn't really read the instructions beforehand, so we just drew whatever we had in mind,
can you guess which one I drew tho? I think it's pretty obvious by now, hahahaha so after we had our cakes from the cafe 
(btw it tasted like Alexis if you haven't tried), we went out for some more adventure time!! 

cats #1 which reminds me this picture would go so well with KADE SPADES HATS
There's a cat one that I like so much! meow~ Cat Women wannabe right hurrr. or I mean purr. lame lol
cats #2  so many cats drawing!! :D
what are best friends for? – they're there to be silly the same way you are :) 
On the road side, I think we were walking on the famous old road? And me and le bff did our hair here! 
I don't know what's it called, but the guy from PERU did this for us, took like 15 mins and rm25 for one of these.
It's really pretty tho, and it's not called hair braiding, okay I'll call this hair string tying braids ;) hahaha
okay enough walking around,  we went back to the hotel we stayed in SUNWAY resort penang, and fortunately!
DOWNSTAIRS our hotel was the popular street lane!! woohoo! So many yummy foods to eat! recommended by the taxi guy,
OH btw, when I told my friends (in kl) that I took cabs wherever I went in Penang, they were laughing at me T_T
Because you know whyyyyy, the roads are actually pretty near by... AND! in Penang, the taxis doesn't use meter.
It's all fixed price. At first I was thinking, "Eh, good what, so when there's jam it won't get overpriced."
But apparently it's even more expensive with fixed price, i didn't know what and still am not quite sure why, 
but whatttteverrrr la, hahahaha. So anyways! We packed soooo much food, damnn lots! and went up the hotel to eat.
HAHAHA, i'm so sorry I can't show you the pictures of the good food, we were just too excited we stuffed errthang in. 
AND AFTERWARDS! you know me, when I go to a new place I always like to check out the party scenes there,
but i realise, with the best company you can just party anywhere! So we partied in our hotel room...

hahaha NOT! no way we're gonna be stuck in the hotel room doing nothing! ROUND ONE PREDRINKS LETS GO!
us looking all fine and shits before heading to the clubs! yeah we went to two places :) –cuvee and soho
 haha I'm gonna fast cut this one cause we were quite messed up, hhahha, in a good way,
the whole party turned into a lipstick party afterwards, errbody using my lipstick to kiss errbody.

but kisses were giving mostly to the birthday gurll – queen of the night! so much love for you
you should be more than blessed having so many wondering people caring for you sweetie!! xx

okay roll out of bed the next morning, it was harddd getting out of our major comfy beds, but we did!

cropped top : similar here / midi skirt : similar here / gold + black shoes : similar here

I guess this is my "travelling outfit", a cropped top to make sure you don't get too warm from the hot sun,
a long a line midi skirt, well ironically to keep you away from the sun, because you don't wanna get a bad tan, 
and it's also flirty in a way because of it's a-line cutting it looks ultra girly and I love wearing this everywhere! 
and HEELS of course, wedges to be specific, I love wearing wedges for outings and in fact, I think wedges
are more comfortable to walk in than heels. and of course I've said it before I am gonna use my RM bag for travels,
because it's so damn secure! I got mine from SHOPBOP.COM , you can check out REBECCA MINKOFF there 

Well, so anyways, we shopped around gurney plaza and I think there's a new mall beside it ( i forgot the name)
but it felt like Pavillion KL, I bough myself a lot of stuffs from H&M ( i knowww, i'm in penang but i'm buying kl stuffs)
that's just because in KL i don't have time to go for shopping! haha, so I treated this penang trip as a lil getaways,
and of course our lil surprise mission for the bff's birthday. :) Hmmm, I'm missing penang's char keuw tiao so much!
even my tummy is rumbling when I type out the word penang char kewy tiao T____T sigh.

I'll be back for you soon penang! Anyone know any similar char kewy tiao places that tastes like Penang,
BRING ME PLEASEEEE~~ thank yuuuuuuu! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

BADLAB top products to pick

a brief introductory on BADLAB:

Brave And Daring Laboratory aka BADLAB. Homegrown from Malaysia with a variety of men products 
which varies from Hair, Face, Body in the most simplest, uncomplicated, quick and easy way of cleansing for men. 
I'm a huge sucker for packaging when it comes to buying products, I get attracted to nice packaging so easily it sucks,
let's give human race a blame by saying that we're such visually driven people. lol, well at least I am; and I'm beyond proud to say
that the designer who designed the look of BadLab is my good friend, Heige (ya I know weird name) you can call him AH HAO ;) LOL
I'm sure if you live in KL you would have heard of this brand, it has been no stranger and already making appearance at events and sites like:
Hanger, Juice, the latest ViperChallenge, Define, Pestle and Mortar, Joe's Barbershop, and now on SUNDAESINS. lol chehwahnolah.
I was given the opportunity to try out all the products and here's a video for easy references on my 3 (or 5) TOP PICKS from BADLAB!

And here's I'll be blogging about a more detailed version! I'll talk about the 5 things that I talked in the video first,
following with the other products that I've tried and tested! :) hope you guys enjoy and hope this clears your mind
if you're wondering which products that you should get, here are my honest opinions:

Here's how it looks like - a mysterious black box, with the label BADLAB
look! it comes with a free black board lol
these are all the stuffs that I received from BADLAB. Thanks again boys! 
They ship for free with purchase of above rm25. But I'm not quite sure if they ship internationally or not.

Firstly, you'll be seeing a lot of ingredients like Dragon's blood, Silver, FluidPure8g, and Blue stone in their products,
all sounding pretty manly and all adds a touch of masculine edge to the brand. so I did a lil research:

Dragon's Blood aka Calamus Draco
Helps protect the cells of the skin and reduces redness and cures swelling.
Obtained from the sap of the Dragon's Blood tree, the red sap is also used in case of a skin problem like - bad bites and stings.
When applied it creates a second skin-like film to protect against free radical damage and stimulates cell regeneration.

Blue Stone aka Lapis Lazuli
Helps replenish naturally depleted nutritive minerals in skin. Honestly i don't know much about this one,
but to say that your face wash has BLUE STONE in it sounds really cool. lol it doesn't make the product blue tho.

the perfect biomimetic active to take care of the whole family skin cocoon. Helps fight against microbial proliferation
within the skin and inside cosmetic formulations. Helps restore skin's natural acidic mantle, and helps fight unpleasant body odors.

Here's some interesting facts that I found about silver, it's the skin solution for varies skin disorders, from dry skin to skin cancer!
WOW, really cool. It's amazing properties are absorbed through the skin and begin to heal, sprains, burns and cuts.
Relieves pain and swelling from sore muscles! Sounds like an ingredient made for the real men! Really impressed!

Okay here are the top 5 things that I mentioned in the video:

 1st featured item:
PLAY IN THE MUD - Face + Body Mineralising Mud Soap
bar soap in a jar, mud texture, IT SO FUN THO, I get to live my childhood dreams of playing in the mud,
I hope I'm not the only weird child here having those dreams, overall I like the fun concept, it even says,
"Stay a kid but play like a man" on the packaging. and again the idea of the 2 in 1 (face + body cleanser)
is just too cool, I really do think that guys would love this one, in fact, I'm keeping it and using it myself,
because I love the idea of playing with "mud" and the fragrance too, OK so badlab has ALMOST the same scent,
From my video, I already mentioned that they have a very musky and woody scent to their products, and if I were
to a choose a fragrance reference, I would say that Body Shop (men's section) and Hugo Boss has a pretty similar scent.

and for the price!? You might imagine with such a pretty packaging and expensive scent comes with a high price,
but no, their price range is between rm8.90 - rm12.90. Which is relatively super cheap compared to women's products,
girls' conditioner for example, is already rm11 on an average. But for a 2-in-1 , or even 3-in-1 is average rm15 for BADLAB.
Their most expensive product is the FULL BODY ARMOUR which is rm25.90. The only reason why they're expensive is
because it's their Face + Body 3-in-1 Suncreen, moisturiser and mosquito repellent. SPT 30PA+++ omg! crazy combo!

2nd featured item:
CAVEMAN CLEANER - 3-in-1 Hair, Face, Body Cleaner
A STAR PRODUCT THAT YOU MUST GET, for those who wanna try to venture into BADLAB this might be
the best stepping stone for you. 3-in-1, hair, face and body cleanser, I'm keeping this one for myself as well,
because i love the smell. okay and I did not grow a bread or a penis after trying all these men stuffs kay, haha.
Also has a cooling menthol blast on it. A turbo-fast cleaner that saves time in the shower and is good to bring outdoors!
This one is only sample size (80ml), they're selling 200ml for rm8.90, and 400ml for rm12.90 !

3rd featured item:
CALL TO ARMS - Anti Bacterial + Deodorizing Fragrance
reliable, all day protection against body odor demons and evil bacterias. Smell good, play dirty, roam free.
This one smells most intense out of all the products they have, in my opinion this one smells sexy as fuck, I love it.
My man HASSS TO WEAR THIS FRAGRANCE / deodorant, (if I had a man la) lol, that's it that's how good it is.
I'll just spray this around my room and pretend I have a man ;) Hahahahaha, this is really good guys, a MUST GET! 

4th featured item:
DIRTY DEEDS - Invigorating Facial Scrub
Dragon Blood + Blue Stone exfoliates dead skin cells for brighter and clearer skin. I used this and it had a cooling effect.
I think a lot of guys enjoy that, since I did a lil research on guy's products, a lot of them have that minty feel.
It did made my skin feel ultra clean and smooth as well, I love this because of its minty scent, but I wasn't too sure
if it was my tube problem or what, this tub had me squeezing so hard, i swear it was like a bad case of constipation.

5th featured item:
BATTLE REPAIR - Repair + Relief Facial Moisturizer
Provides soothing relief from razor burns, the unforgiving elements and your daily battles. Has Dragon's blood as well.
I notice there's a lot of guys who doesn't put on moisturizer. I wonder why, I mean it's guy's logic,
"why would I make my face oily again right?" Even for me actually I'm so lazy to put moisturizer sometimes,
but at times when I feel like my skin is peeling from the all sorts of damage made from our daily routines
it's no excuse not to put on a moisturizer because that's the first thing to do to avoid aging skin. But really,
I like the texture of the moisturizer, it's ultra light! I could feel my skin breathing, but the smell.... was just too overpowering,
and the fact that it got stuck on my face for damn long, even if I wash it off. It's extremely weird for me to have
a moisturizer as strong as a perfume smell on my face! TOO WERID, it's like applying perfume on the face in a cream form!
For the muka busuks, I recommend you using this ;) hehe

BABY- FACED ASSASIN - Energising Facial Cleanser
I love the name for this, it really does lift up to it's name. Really made my face baby-bottom smooth.
But if you take out the fancy packaging and the way they brand it, to me it was just like any other facial cleanser.

FULL BODY ARMOUR - Face Body Sunscreen, Moisturizer, Mosquito Repellent
This one had the same smell and intensity similar to the Facial Moisturizer but it also had a slight "mosquito repellent" scent,
Fortunately, I'm a person who doesn't get bitten by mosquitoes a lot. Usually it's the friends beside me that always get bitten, lol
so I can't judge on the repellent part, But I do know that this is the most expensive product on from BadLab - rm25.90

TOO COLD TO BEAR - Cooling Shampoo
Cooling shampoo which lifts up to it's name, I just dyed my hair not long ago so I couldn't try the shampoos,
or else it might fuck up my hair color, (hey what an idea that maybe badlab should come out with colored hair shampoos?)
lol, so I gave my guy friend to try it, "cool, refreshing, makes my hair really clean and soft" – guy friend. lol

LIKE A BOSS - Sculpting Hair Clay
Keeps scalp irritations and odours at bay, slave the day, look the part, own the jungle.
i had my guy friends trying this and to be honest it didn't held up like the normal waxes or clay would,
think you'll need to use spray for this product because it doesn't last for a whole day of wild rides, haha

LEAN, MEAN MACHINE - Body Sculpting Shower Gel
Another product that I see them advertising a lot, this one had a minty cooling touch to it, and extra manly!
loving the masculine scent i know i tried it on myself but of course it was too manly for a girl, but it was
the right amount of masculine smell that I would like on a guy, really loving the cooling effect as well!
reminded me of Protex's icy cool shower gel!!!! i've used that product before as well, but of course this one smelt way better.

so that's my detailed review on each of the products! i hope this clears your mind a bit on which products to get!
good luck out there and spread the good manly scent around please! hahah nobody gets turn on with a bad scent! 
In fact, if a guy has bad scent I would run far far away from him, and I'm sure a lot of girls would too, haha.
buy them for your father brother friends boyfriend husband! EVERY GUY OUT THERE! 
girls, you won't regret it making your man smelling like an ACTUAL man, haha. ;) 

Good luck everyone. 

Drop on their website for a look! 


Monday, November 10, 2014 / Healthy lunchbox!

my healthy lunchbox set! What a cute packaging! 

HELLO PEEPS! Like I said in my previous post I've been really busy for the past week and same to the next!
So making lunches for myself was never an option for me cause of my busy schedule, I really salute those woman 
who stays fit and healthy and packs lunches to the office themselves! It's such a desire to become one like them next time.
I believe we put in too much junk into our bodies we sometimes neglect the fact that we need to eat healthy to stay healthy.
I don't usually exercise as well, I only exercise my arm to put LAYs in my mouth lol it's the sad truth. I'm really unhealthy,
especially with a tight schedule I often opt for foods outside, that's fried with dirty reused oil and probably a lot of other 
unhealthy things that I don't wanna know of. Many times I think of detox-ing all the bad stuffs that I put into my body...

...then I stumbled upon this really cool healthy lunchbox site! CHOPSTICKDINER.COM
They give FREE DELIVERY for those above rm50 and only an additional rm5 delivery fee for those below rm50 :) 
There's tons of other HEALHY LUNCHBOXES to order, check out the MENU HERE
so instead of other unhealthy stuffs like mamak food and "chap fan" (mixed rice) 
I opt for something healthier just to give a lil cleansing to my greasy tummy (eeeee) 

Such beautiful colors (all entering my stomach soon). Healthy yet pretty stuffs! :D I'm excited.

First off, I ordered the HALF HALF - it's a combination of Viet Spring Rolls, and a choice of your salad,
Great option if you ask me and if you're new to them, you can not only try one but TWO different combos from the menu!
Money well spent, oh by the way, all these freshly prepared lunch boxes cost RM15 which is pretty reasonable if you ask me, 
RM15 for healthy, fresh food well prepared for you and delivered to your doorstep so you don't need to go out the hot sun.
Not only you decrease the possibilities of getting skin cancer and a bad tan, it's damn convenient, filling, and also surprisingly yummy!
Like I said before I'm not a person to always eat my greens, but it's been a while since I've seen greens looking so appetizing!
OKAY so I did some stalking research la, Ms Elaine (the superwoman behind CHOPSTICKDINER.COM) was a freelance food stylist.
(No wonder the presentation is so nice!) She's also a supermom of two kids who runs her own company now!
Okay not that you've known a lil bit about the background, let me show you what I ordered: 

ah hehe, their spring rolls from their HALF HALF lunchbox are too cute! 

my rating : 4/5 - if you like vegs,
You know, I'm still trying to eat as much vegs as I can to stay healthy, so this one was a mouthful of vegs for me.

Next one : Smoke Salmon Caesar Salad !! RATING : 5/5 :D 

your name and the item you ordered will be stick on the side of the box! 
so no worries if you get confused if you ordered a lot.

This is my favorite, probably cause i'm a sucker for Smoke Salmon salad, mmmm to die for!
The greens were extremely fresh and they still gave out a crispy crunch in my mouth followed by the croutons and beef bacon bits!
You cannot go wrong with Smoke Salmon Salad I tell you, so if you're unsure what to order, go for this dish! 
It's surprisingly filling as well which left me greedily wanting for more! So guys, if you're feeling healthy do something good for your tummy! 
(oh shit that rhymed) Submit your lunch orders by 10pm and get it delivered to your the next working day! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014 Sundaesins

top : COTTON ON / skirt : BKK / knee socks : similars here / Mary-Jane shoes : similars here

Happy Halloween peeps!! Well that was 4 days ago LOL. 
I know you guys will be busy partying that's why I did this post a lil late ;P (excuses) BTW how was your HALLOWEEN! 
I did 2 outfits this year because I had different events to attend to on different days! Both were quite different but still, 
the same. HAHA, I was a black cat on the second day, both are animals. Well, I wanted to be a UNICORN at first! 
But when I tried wearing pastel clothes again I didn't really match my dark black hair anymore :( So that was really sad.
I was thinking of pastel pinks and doing glittery make ups and making a unicorn's horn for my day-2 outfit but I couldn't,
because of my damn hair :( OH WELL, So i had to do last minute changes (the night before) and DIYed my own cat ears! 
To see more halloween pics with my DAY2 outfit click on my facebook page @ 
I have an album there full of my Halloween outfits this year ! :P heh, being a sexy black kitty this year.

Oh did I forgot to say, 
I carried a real carrot with me the whole time ??? LOL! I know... some people are teasing me because of the shape... 
But I genuinely think it's totally fine because I don't think dirty thoughts -_- But it became black afterwards 
probably cause it oxidized and it wasn't very appropiate anymore... lol

So outfit time! TO BE A white bunny, well obviously you have to wear white clothes, lol I decided to go 
with this tutu skirt because I was going with the cute flirty vibe. There's some cute lace skirts like THESE from FREE PEOPLE
OR To be a cute bunny, you could wear some FAUX FUR because people let's not support killing furry animals - like bunnies.

here's another set of photos that I took in my friend's place! Just can't get over how cute the look is! 

lalala, shameless bunny selfie put big big here, LOL

There's only a very limit sort of occasions where I can wear this ultra cute stockings,  too cute!


LOL so like I said I couldn't wear pastel clothes with my dark hair, so I decided to be a black kitty last minute.
Check out my much flaws DIY ears that I made, it's made out from paper, and the same with my bunny ears,
it's ultra low budget, I just added in 2 starbucks straws to make sure the ears stayed up, lol.
This year's Halloween outfit is ultra ultra low budget for me, these are all stuffs you can find around you house! 
And even (can you believe it or not) my collar / whip chain for my cat costume is made out from the strap on my bag,
HAHA! My friends couldn't believe it when told them that! I think it adds on a kinky touch, ahahhaha.

corset : similars here / leather skirt : similars here 

I made do with the things I had at home because of the last minute wardrobe changes, and of course, low budget.
I'm getting my iPHONE 6 tomorrow, (it's an investment mind you) after that I'll be ultra ultra broke, heck I wonder how am i gonna survive.
So any of you wanna bring this lil kitty cat out for dinner always feel free to give me a call okay ;) Speaking of dinner,
LOK LOK! I've been craving to have lok lok (or is it called luk luk) since gods know when. For my dear foreign readers, lok lok is
actually really really nice steamboat by the road side, haha I know it may sound a bit rachet and dirty, but it's yummmmmmsss
Speaking about food I've been having late lunches like 4pm lunches these days because I'm so busy at work, it's killing.
This week and the next is gonna be so insane for me. I'm writing with a major back ache, blocked nose, and a headache,
Working non stop sometimes I feel that I can faint with this tsunami of workload within an ultra tight deadline :(
I'm listening to my "depression" playlist now, I hope this ends soon, this phrase I mean, everything in life is only a phrase.

HOOKAY, this is getting depressing, well I guess you just have to brush your shoulders and say, I'm okay.
Because no matter how good you are, how late you work until, no one will acknowledge that, no one will care,
because by end of the day everyone just wants to see the results, and no one will give a damn what good work you're putting out there,
if you have a flaw they will point it out and stab you with it despite being the best at your doing.
Boys and girls, life is hard, but what can we do? lol okay, I think my depressing playlist is making me say these.

Good night people before I say anything I regret. One thing I know for sure is that the bed is always the cure for everything :)