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Thursday, January 29, 2015


So I just did a first impression video of ze famous Kylie Jenner's over-drawn lip tutorial. Haha it was mainly for fun cause I guessed 
that it would look funny on me so I thought I'd shared my first try with you all. So I decided hey why not do a style post on her as well 
since I found soooo many nice pictures of her and did my research while looking up the web for her glorious lip liner tutorials. 
But first we all know that if you wanna be like Kylie Jenner, you gotta have THAT LIPS, THOSE ABS, AND THAT ASS THO... lol

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So I noticed 3 things from the Kylie Jenner's style. It's that she is always wearing black boots or black shoes, and to be specific, it's either 
confusing how well she can pull off the classy-grunge look, unlike some people (well like me), if I dyed and bleached my hair it'll probably look
very much like a broom-stick, but for Kylie it's just amazing how her hair always looks so good - from those beautiful mermaid turquoise tails, 
to that dip-dyed blonde with black shades, then to that Ariana Grande locks, and then dying it back to her gorgeous black long locks again... 
life of a celebrity is just amazeballs. haha! One thing that I really like from her style is those sky high knee length boots tho. so perfect! If only 
Malaysia wasn't too hot, or had other seasons other than SUMMER all year round, I would totally get myself those boots! Ain't nobody looking 
so hot in that long jersey dress with them boots other than Kylie. sigh, SOOOO FUCKING HOT! hahha okay. So here are just some few styles 
that I realized from Kylie's style book, I would die to check out her wardrobe, I wonder how many black bags does she own. LOL. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Uncertainty waves

Hello my darlings, 

It has finally hit me, the new year - sorry if my receptors are a bit slow but now I am starting to see a page of un-certainties that holds 
for the new year to come. It excites me of course, who would want a life which is so predictable? Where's the excitement in that? This 
thrilling journey we call life is just full of wonders day by day, truly is the quote "Anything could happen", is something that I've always 
lived by, and a hell lot last year. But this year, I'm sensing a new change in something. (Hello fortune-teller Juliana speaking here lol). 
Who knows what new thing you'll discover this year round. This wave of uncertainty is just frustrating, but at the same time it gives you 
the enthusiasm to live life! Uncertainties are like balancing while walking on a string from point A to point B, but you know if you never 
give it a shot, you would never know what your capabilities are, or if you are able to reach point B or not. I guess even if you drop and 
fall, at least you gave it your all without regrets, and that's how I guess I would wanna live my life for 2015. Sure, uncertainties are
caused by doubts. Doubts are just because you've been hurt before but we are all humans, we've all gotten disappointed before at a 
point of our life. I guess I always live life the YOLO way, but at the same time always scared of heartaches and disappointments. I 
guess no point worrying or contemplating too much, cause too much thinking, would never get you to point B am I right? Okay, idk why 
I wrote such a long intro, but my point is cheers to 2015, cheers to the good times and good luck and just be brave in everything that 
you do. Looking back, I can't believe it's been 3 years since I've started posting outfits and opening sundaesins :) Well, outfit talk now!

fedora : (similar here) / crop top : COTTON ON / scallop skirt : JOA / heels : (similar here)

JOA is a brand that I found out which is based from LA and carries a lot of sweet and fun-to-wear clothing, I've already
seen so many pieces that I like from them on the website! Adorable and unique, one of a kind which you won't clash with 
someone when you're in Malaysia, haha. Hence always buy online if you don't wanna clash outfits with someone, that's just
really embarrassing. Like we've seen tutu-inspired / puffy midi skirts everywhere and it's getting a bit overrated, but it's the 
wave details on this skirt which makes it perfectly stand out from the rest. ultra loving the quality and the sheer layer over it. 
Absolutely no regrets getting this skirt, just take a look at the details! Thought it would be pure and appropriate if I start the 
first outfit post of the new year with a white on white outfit post! Let's paint in the colors together! hehe :P

 matched up this fun and unique skirt with some classy heels for an oomph of feminine vibes. Would you wear this out on a date? :)

Anyway guys, if you're feeling some uncertainty waves for the new year, I gotta tell ya, it's absolutely normal. And I'm with you on this.
Whatever it is, strap your heels -or tie your shoes for this wonderful ride we call life :) I wish you guys all the best! and Goodnight! xx 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

2014 Fashion Trends that should be BURN or WORN for 2015

Here is just a 2014 roundup review of a collection of things I spotted trending in the world of fashion (mainly from where I'm from), 
Some of those will make you nod your head in approval and sigh, "Ahhhh..." at the sight of the masterpiece that has been done,
BUT there are some trends which will make you scratch your head wondering what had happened in the world of Fashion in 2014...
So now let the review began, grab some popcorn, sit back, because this is going to be a long and brutal post. What are the trends
that you'll bring forward to the new year, and what trends that should be burnt and burried?? Alright, let's go! :P

Probably the fanciest HOUSE SLIPPERS that has been popping up on every single fashion blogger's instagram post, if you don't own a pair
of these, you are not trendy enough - (and I admit it, I am not "cool" enough to own a pair of these sliders) Not editorial / experimental enough
and probably don't own quite a lot of followers on instagram. Sliders they come in SOOOO many types and colors, so many crazy ways of people
wearing this comfy (yet fucking ugly) shoe that might be only most appropriately worn on a LAZY Monday. Nike, Adidas, is also on the bandwagon,
but wait, there's so many colors and patterns too! Wear it with socks! (who the hell???) and some even has FUR in it! WOW much comfy, much stylo, much cool. Would you pay fucking 500 bucks for these sliders just because it has a tick logo on them? Well I know I don't have that much money to spend on them. Can you imaging walking in the rain with this?? WITH SOCKS ON?! eewwwwwww! Are you kidding me? Okay the only brand which is doing it right, and probably the brand who started it is Birkenstock! (dem ugly MOFOS) lol. For me this is a trend that I would....
 ( WEAR IT! / BURN IT! )


Especially the double pearl earrings from Dior which spreaded the trend (inspired ones here on- Wounters&Hendrix ). They not only look
absolutely gorgeous, it's double sided take gives a twist of modernity to the regular already classy-looking elegant pearls. From runways models,
to celebrities, to those fashion bloggers, or friends you follow on instagram, everyone has been crazy about them at a point! Those cute one-
big-one-small fishballs pearls are definitely not just a trend, but a fashion statement to keep for the upcoming year, I would say this is a trend to

What in the good Lord....It's like wearing a floppy hat, at the same time you look like you're wearing a baby hat, Pharell. Unless if you're
thinking of fishing, don't think this is a carry-over trend from 2014 to 2015. It's probably the most fashionable looking fishing hat, and guys,
if you're wearing it in a club like Chris Brown, we would all know you're just fishing for dem girls. OMG this is just a horrible looking hat.
ya niggas think you so cool, I go from 0/100 real quick. LOL - Drake reference. Not matter what prints you put on this hat it's still shit.
It's like a gangster wearing a floppy hat!

Finally, an eye candy, a nod of approval, a trend that has actually started on 2013 and only growing stronger in 2014. Fresh and clean, 
finally something new on the market, a trend that Malaysian designers had also got "inspired" by and that has gotten on our runway shows... Started from being prints on clothing, this trend speedily evolved to prints on tech, astray (?!), furnitures and everything else!! How can you say no to that cool marble printed laptop?!

From my observation there is actually 3 types of sporty look trending since last year, (I said since because it's still on trend here) and I'm hoping this trend would stay because sneakers are just so comfy omgg!! Anyways from my observation, I noticed the trend categorized itself into 1) the Bold / primary colors prints 2) the monochrome - black and white 3) the gray with a pop of neon (this one one wasn't a huge buzz in town). I personally favor the B&W one, I see all the 'cookies' rocking it, and they look damn swag lah! Cool kids on instagram will be posting their new air max, fly knit, etc awesome kicks like shits, and poor people like me on the side has to save up damn hard just to buy a really cool Nike. I'm sure because of this sporty trend, Nike and New Balance's sales has sky bombed man. I remember early in the year while this trend wasn't so out yet people would just stare at you and ask you if you're going for a jog afterwards. (so annoying!!) It would be even annoiying when there's those days where you wore a nice dress, pull over some cool sweater, and finished the look with a pair of cool sneakers... No... I'm not one of those girls who would wear my sneakers with my wedding dress, I wear it cause it looks cool alright! (who knows after a few years people would feel disgusted with the beautiful dress + sneakers combo), but for now, I would say...


aka the I'm too lazy to button my shirt, aka the Gangster, aka okay this is a cool way of wearing my top. 
Remember those days were unbuttoning the few buttons on the top of your shirt would give you that masculine vibe? Well say goodbye to that 
because the trend of 2014 isn't about being manly or masculine, it's about livin' the thug life, it's about being Gangsta, it's about showing off those hard-worked abs in a triangle sneak peak. if you don't have abs like me, you can layer it with a black or white thank top underneath and you still be lookin like gangsta. I'm always in for the easiest way to button your shirt, so imma say...
( WEAR IT! / BURN IT! ) 

Reason why I only mention this color is because it is so much more trending than White Allover or any other 2 colours together combined. Agreeable that the B-on-B trend definitely sparks sophisication, and it can be very stylish, however it is sometimes quite boring when seen how the way people pairing it is the same! - the big hat, the big coat, either the long cool pants, or the skirts with slits. This one trendy look can be seem as mediocre when paired up the safe way, so unless you're planning to be a lil bit more daring and stop staying at your comfort place this year, imma say...


Number 8 is something that I see guys won't be complaining about, LOL. Through the whole entire year I have been seeing girls
on instagram posting their new lace-y bralet. You know with the typical ig template - white background / table / bed, layout nicely with some accessories for decoration with the lace bralet or bra by the side of the window for sun-light. LOL. These lace bralets also comes in soooo many different type! I certainly am not complaining if girls wanna be showing off their boobs in this, cause you know, WHO DOESN'T LOVE BOOBS? :P

Just no... please no.... At first it may seem cute, but when you look at it long enough and in another angle, that shit's starting to
look like granny panties. So unless if you don't plan to look like a grandma with hotdog legs...


This trend has been blooming since end of 2013 actually and I can't believe I just only bought myself a big hat recently wtf?!
I usually laugh and tease those people wearing a big hat indoor, like wtf bro- there's no sunlight in a mall... Now I can't believe I am one of those person -_- well, I can't say that I wear these big hats to a mall but honestly, I did wear them for grocery shopping this evening at Bangsar, (guilty much). But you know, the effect of these big hats, especially the big black ones, instantly gives you a mysterious vibe that makes you feel so cool in side, LOL - my insight right there. I've only managed to play with the black one, there's so many other types and sizes and colors to discover!!! So imma say, a month a new hat this year, so....

A trend I noticed that was quite buzzing since the start of the year, of course it wasn't as infamous as the sliders, but these subtle gem
did make a statement at a point, especially to gypsy and peace / earth- lovers. I would say if you love it, just


A trend that will make your mother-in-law at ease, a trend that will make your strict grandmother stop nagging at you showing off your thighs. Whenever I go back hometown I fear for the naggy and long-winded grandparents asking me to dress in a more proper and lady manner - instead of wearing the casual usual shorts with slippers. Now thanks to this trend I can not only take some awesome lookbook pictures whenever I visit back in my hometown, I can also make my grandparents proud! See, I'm a grown women now who wears proper lady skirts at appropriate length! - back in the city- takes it all off,  lol. If it makes the grandparents happy, imma say


You know, I think this trend came from the people who worn the Midi, came back from their hometown, got bored of it, and decided to cut the sides of their skirt to show a lot more skin. Haha, Scandalous! And sexy! Well, if only there was a skirt with a zip or button on the sides, then it would be a 2-in-1 skirt! A seeing-the-grandparents + a dinner-with-the-boyfriend skirt ALL IN ONE! That would be perfect and I am putting my money into that hybrid! Not only that it's 'air-y' I'm loving the flow you make when you walk in this skirt! Definitely a head-turner piece.

Tell me how many fashion bloggers have you seen wearing this? We get it, it's different, it's iconic, it's fun. 
It comes in sooo many different colors! ...but I won't wear it again and again 3 times a summer so let's just...

Looks like thanks to Kylie Jenner, Charlie XCX, and Lorde, the rock / goth / punk look is back. The dark lip color, the checked shirts, the 90's chocker are all in again! Damn! What a rewind of time! The last time I wore a chocker was when I was in highschool! Or was it primary school! Oh my god.. Those memories. I'm always amused at what fashion brings and delivers back again! It's like some circle of fashion! But I know this trend won't be lasting very long, soon or later you're gonna keep that chocker back in your drawer again, but always remember, if you like it, just...
Don't burn it because we all know it's coming back again, BUT BURN THOSE SLIDERS altho we all know it's been a trend 
during our daddy's time, but dem shoes are just nasty.

Oh wow, Finally I've finished typing this post. 
Haha bye, hope you guys are starting your new year  dressing RIGHT! ;D

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Don't leaf me alone

beret from HAT ATTACK / dress from SPLENDID / shoes : ZARA / designer earrings from ADIA KIBUR

Hi guys, I HOPE EVERYONE ENJOYED THEIR CHRISTMAS! the wait has ended and I'm so looking forward to the new year.
Already making (plants) for the countdown, (HAHAHA OMG SORRY, I can't help it with the leafy puns LOL) How's everyone?!
There's a lot of leftover turkey meat in my fridge waiting to be made into turkey porridge, and turkey wrap,
any ideas what to do with turkey besides these 2 things above? :) Anyways OOTD! I seriously luuuh this one..

my sharp red claws were made for Christmas... Thinking that I might be able to recycle it for Chinese New year, LOL

One thing that I can say is that I absolutely loveeeeee this dress, I think the red lips and heels made it look more formal, 
compared to the time when I viewed it on the website I thought it would look more casual but oh god, this dress...
All I can say that I received a heaps of compliments saying that I look absolutely hot / gorgeous in this dress
(lol can I be buay-paisey abit ah?) Haha, my colleagues were asking me if I was going to a ball or something afterwork,
but the truth is no, I'm just gonna have some seafood in a restaurant beside the road afterwork, haha! (sorry to disappoint)

This dress is absolutely form-fitting, it's jersey material hugs your figure and honestly compliments your feminine curves. 
Oh gosh, this material is sooo good. I guess I'm pretty much going for jersey materials next time. It's thin and light too!
And one thing good about SHOPBOP is that customers can review the items that they bought! So I saw
4.5 / 5 stars for this item! And over 60 reviews! Before I bought this my mind was like, "Wow people really love this dress"
Most of them are good reviews saying that they'll wear this all summer, it's a sexy dress that hugs every curves, yadaa yadaa..
So I decided to give it a try! And gosh, I'm in love! Paired it up with this really adorable cute beret from HAT ATTACK
What a cute name tho... This beret is also my first try! Feelin' like an artist now, hehe. Loving that it's made of fine wool quality.

Also my earrings are from a designer by the name of - ADIA KIBUR. It's a 2 way earring where you can wear them with/ without the bling!
A trendy type of design now that has taken stage all over the market. I like how big it is, because I usually see people selling
the smaller size bling ones, but you know what they say when it comes to rocks; the bigger the better! haha. 
But really the reason why I choose this bigger ones is because the smaller ones are soo hard to be seen when you take photos!
Come on if you have a nice earring you should show it off! Not hide it for yourself, haha! Since for me,
I'm always putting my hair down, so hiding my ears behind my hair is already not helping if I have on some small earrings. lol

So guys, 2014 has been a tough year for me, I'm thinking of doing a sum up for 2014, you know just for my lousy memory sake, 
and for maybe the people who are interested in my life but I don't know why cause to me it's just so so.. haha but i don't know...
A lot of unhappy stuffs has happen this year, but I don't forget about the good stuffs that brought me joy and motivation along the way!
Seriously a lot of stuffs has pushed me down so hard where you know that feeling where you just fall face flat first on the ground?
lol yeah, hi, I've been there. (not literally thank god!) but yeah, I've been there almost too many times this year, 
don't think I will be writing about too personal stuffs there if I do blog about my 2014, but haha, we'll see !!

TILL THEN! I hope every one has a blast on their NEW YEARS EVE! 
HEY, if you had a rough or a bad start, doesn't mean you're gonna have a rough /  bad ending too right? :)

Always stay positive and know that only you can change the way how you feel in a day :)

CHEERS to a positive 2015 !!